POSSIBLE FUTURES is a series of dialogues conceived between the Global Regeneration CoLab (GRC) and the Permaculture CoLab in an attempt to address the lack of representation of Global South networks and communities within both CoLabs. 

It is being organised together with GRC and/or Permaculture CoLab members Lua Couto, Anna Denardin, Sahana Chattopadhyay and Samantha Suppiah – with support from Naomi Joy Smith. I am a member of the GRC Activation (core) Team, and Naomi Joy Smith is part of the Capacity+ team within Permaculture CoLab.


Samantha Suppiah


Diversity, Participation & Engagement, Capacity+ project


The event itself will comprise of panel discussions and breakout conversations around the Global South’s common histories, our visions of the future, and regeneration through pluriversality (i.e. beyond diversity and inclusion) – through embracing a concept of “many worlds within one“. Confirmed speakers include Chief Ninawá, indigenous leader of the Amazon’s Huni Kuin peoples, and Red Constantino, of Agam and global anthologies.

This seeks to deliver a better understanding of our often unseen and unheard histories, through which we can see more clearly our contemporary human world.


Post-event, we will be producing various types of content in different languages to further the visibility and importance of spreading these discussions into public discourse. Our core partners are to be credited with each piece of content, further exposing both CoLabs to more of the Global South.


  • Outreach – visibility for both CoLabs
  • Building understanding between the Global North and the Global South
  • Helping to address key issues within CoLab around diversity
  • Collaboration with a well-known international institution, TED


Much value will be found for those from the Global South – rich dialogues build a strong sense of solidarity and community in understanding our world, realising the need for global regeneration through healing, identity-building and community-growing as real, long-term actions for deep climate adaptation. Permaculture principles and design will be a key outcome of this eventual work.


There is huge learning potential for those from the Global North too – all are invited to listen and absorb. To practice observing the hidden narratives and issues that are suddenly visible through POSSIBLE FUTURES.