Digital Circle Services

This page lists services offered by the digital circle to help permaculture and related movements with their digital needs.

The services offered are: a document/collaboration platform, building and maintenance of websites, an e-learning platform, and a range of different open source apps and plugins.

The digital circle has been working with and prototyping digital tools for permaculture since 2016. It is a micro-enterprise team that stewards and helps share the knowledge gained: About digital tools and infrastructure that aligns with permaculture ethics. This includes opensource, free software and open hardware, and resilient, renewable, local and low-energy ‘appropriate technologies’.

Meet The Team

Aimee Fenech

Aimee has been a member of the Digital Circle since 2020, she is currently the project manager for the circle and member of the micro-enterprises within the circle.

Ewan Findley

Xavier Bruzaud-Grille

Xavier is an active member of the International Permaculture CoLab and a service provider for the Digital Circle. Finally, Xavier has provided online services since 1986 and webmaster since 1993, loves to do websites using WordPress since 2005.

Anton Oussik

Our Services

We offer green hosting and ethical services to permaculture aligned projects, groups, organisations and businesses.

Content Collaboration Platform for Individuals and Small Teams

Nextcloud is an opensource alternative to Google Drive, a secure home for your documents with features including calendar, shared documents, task manager, polls, forms and the possibility for more.

Prices start at 12€ per month.

Website for Individuals, Small Teams / Projects

A simple WordPress website for individuals, small teams and projects. Easy to maintain and keep up to date without too much technical intervention.

This is the perfect starting point for any one interested in having a web presence, the service can be scaled up with custom plugins and additional features later on.

Tech support can be provided on demand on an hourly rate.

Hosting starts at 100€ per year.

Complex and Large Full Featured Website for Businesses and Organisations

Custom website presence built using WordPress for business and organisation tailor-made for your needs. This may included specialist wordpress plugins such as to manage your events including ticketing, elearning courses, woocommerce site, community forum, integrated mailing list management and any others you may need.

Based on your needs and your audience this would include the plugins, design and functionality needed to make your website.




E-learning platform for Schools, Academies and Associations

Custom e-learning platform that allows you to offer online and on-demand courses to your members.

Ability to onboard e-Learners automatically, take payment for courses, send news about new courses through a dedicated mailing list service to all past course attendees an newsletter sign-up.

E-learning courses providing embedded videos, tests, certificates and course attendee forums and more!


A Full Range of Open Source Apps

Review our full list of available apps for your specific needs.

Our Hosting fee starts from 100€ per year! 

Do you want to know more about Digital Services? Drop us a message!

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The International Permaculture CoLab is home to many micro enterprise teams who provide services to the permaculture movement, from individuals, to projects, schools, associations, networks and companies.

With a range of services across different domains you can benefit from access to services from digital products, hosting and app development to grant writing and fundraising consultations to workshop designs, course hosting, copy writing and fiscal hosting.