African Landless Permaculturist Project: Ikhwelo Healers Collective

Tackling ‘landless permaculturists’ in Southern Africa to decolonise and democratise permaculture through research into creative low-capital options.


Siobhan Vida Ashmole, Dr Fikile Marbel Vilakazi-Alberts (PhD), Leonora Alberts-Vilakazi, Ntsikelelo Colossa

Reporting Officer: Siobhan Vida Ashmole


Grassroots permaculture project, Emergent festival, Next Steps project, Diversity, participation and engagement


Conduct field and desk research on alternative land-access options in South Africa for landless permaculturists with limited capital and credit. In months 1-4, we’ll investigate opportunities, processes, costs, and relevant laws, learning from successful low-capital permaculturists and land gatekeepers.

Compare these options with SADC countries for regional fit (Month 4).

Publish a guide on creative land access for permaculture, disseminate to grassroots groups in permaculture, traditional healing, agroecology, and food sovereignty, initially in English and one indigenous language, potential future translations/videos.(Month 4-5)

Develop a framework from our research to address land access and use in Southern Africa, offering insights for the rest of Africa, the Global South, and landless permaculturists globally. This framework and our findings will be shared with the CoLab to inspire and enable similar regional initiatives. (Month 6)


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