Diversity and Decolonisation Community Pot

Supporting diversity and decolonisation work with a variety of approaches including diversity stipends, training, events and one-to-one support.

It is also an opportunity to bring new people into the CoLab, as long as they are supported and held by current active members with the intention to remain active in this space.



A diversity grant may be used by groups of 2 or more people to work on diversity & decolonization activities and training that help make the CoLab a more Diverse, Equitable, Accessible, Inclusive and safer space.

A diversity stipend
 may be used by an eligible individual to participate in group projects within the CoLab, these may be existing ongoing projects or new / emergent projects.


Cat Jenkins, Aimee Fenech


Diversity, participation and engagement, Network weaving, Next Steps project


Support diversity & decolonization activities, training & participation in the International Permaculture Colab


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