Diversity and Decolonisation Community Pot

The diversity and decolonisation community pot supports diversity and decolonisation work within the CoLab using two methods of access: diversity stipends for participation of people from a diverse background to contribute to existing projects and diversity grants which cover training and aligned events.

Project Aims 

For the diversity stipend: to provide funding assistance to individual CoLab members access to paid work within CoLab projects teams already in place.

For the diversity grant: to provide funding to groups working on training and education with the theme of diversity and decolonisation.


Cat Jenkins, Aimee Fenech

Reporting Officer: Aimee Fenech


Diversity, participation and engagement, Network weaving, Next Steps project


Support diversity & decolonization activities, training & participation in the International Permaculture Colab.


September 2023 Update

Stipends provided in 2023:

2 Stipends to work in the Tepla Gora Eco-Market Team
1 Stipend to work on reviewing diversity course within the Learn Team
1 Stipend for individual to manage the Diversity Grant within the Next Steps Project Manager function

Grants provided in 2023:

3 person team to work on Stories to Decolonize Permaculture
2 person team to work on online training course material – Inclusion in the Workplace

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