Skill Mapping

Maintenance of existing community database and making this accessible to the community.

Provide and enhance a database of members and their skills to enable better connection between members.


Please note that from 2024 this project was merged with the Welcoming Gardening Project. 


Daniel Atwell, Pushpak Parmar

Reporting Officer: Pushpak Parmar


Diversity, participation and engagement, Next Steps project 

objectives 2023

1. Create/Update a Google form to gather user database focused on Skill & Language.

2. Keep an eye on activity in the form.

3. Follow-up with all members through email (Twice) as well as Slack messages (Once) per quarter.

4. Feed the data in skill-mapping visualization tool.

5. Make sure it is accessible to everyone.


We are preparing the next round of forms to collect the database. We are planning to release it in the last week of April.

resources created

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