International Permaculture CoLab

Vision, Mission, Aims

The Vision, Mission and Aims (VMA) give direction to all the activities, groups and projects within the CoLab. All working groups and projects are working towards achieving one or more aspects of the VMA.

Vision: A healthy, peaceful and socially just world in which we care for the earth, each other and future generations, in harmony with nature.

Mission: To work together to enhance the coherence and effectiveness of local to global permaculture networks both formal and informal.


  • Provide a friendly online workspace
  • Learn about permaculture thinking and practice
  • Support new and existing permaculture and aligned projects
  • Identify other groups to work with
  • Organise in ways that are inclusive and diverse
  • Promote the CoLab and its work
  • Document the process and learn as we go
  • Make the process enjoyable and rewarding

Agreed: 20th September 2023.

Review date: 28th September 2024 by the General Circle