Designing Work Spaces For All

We are creating and testing an online course that focuses specifically on creating accessible and safe work spaces and community spaces.


Project Aims

The course seeks to Promote Diversity, Accessibility, Inclusion, Equity & Justice in work spaces and within communities.

The course will be a resource that can be accessed by anybody who wishes to learn more about permaculture. It will add value to the CoLab space.



Charlie Wilson, Daniel Attwell

Reporting Officer: Charlie Wilson


Training and eLearning, Diversity, participation and engagement, Emergent festival, Next Steps project


April 2023

Daniel has already undertaken much of the work, transcribing audio segments and creating a well-structured course outline. We would like to add graphics and make the course more presentable. This could be done within a week.

Once this is complete we would promote the course on social media, including the CoLab Slack and the CoLab LinkedIn page, and run a first test version. We anticipate a month of promotion would be needed to get a willing team of participants to take the course.

We would first allow people to take the course for free and gather feedback. We would have to wait for people to complete the course, this could take 2-3 weeks. We would then use this feedback to improve the course and create a final version. This could be done within a week.


October 2023

Course creation has been completed. We promoted the course and had a number of participants who offered feedback.

We used the feedback to make necessary edits. Please feel free to take the course and apply it in your work spaces and then leave feedback for us to further develop it.

We hope it will add value for Permaculture projects to apply the design tools shown in the course and help give greater diversity within these communities.