Re-evaluation Counselling Scholarship Fund

Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) is a peer-to-peer process that commences with shared, deep-listening and, given that the peers are trained to function in both counseling and clienting roles, advances to a process involving structured, non-advisory attention from counsellors and discharge for clients. Roles are always exchanged in every session. Training is an essential element of RC.

The project seeks to engage Colab members to both give and receive one-on-one sessions to a level appropriate to their training and consistent with the peer-to-peer spirit fundamental to the RC ethos.


Andrew Langford, Alena Kempf, Amelie Catheline, Vida Ashmole

Reporting Officer: Andrew Langford



Training and eLearning, Diversity, participation and engagement, Next Steps project


a 5 * 2 hour set of online, interactive classes delivered starting September 2023 explaining the simple/complex, improvisation tool set developed by the international RC Community – classes include ample practice opportunities and, given that students engage well with these, they will be able to introduce these tools to relationship partners, working groups, classes, presentations and other willing assemblies thereby enhancing diversity, equity, inclusion, justice and belonging (DEIJB) efforts.

Requires students to negotiate permissions to introduce these tools to their groups. The simplicity of this small yet effective and flexible tool set allows that all members of an assembly of any size can learn to apply these tools and thereby develop their facilitation skills thus democratizing the process of facilitation.


April 2023 Update

We are working on developing our capacities to run the Oppression, Movement Building and our Relationships as Activists (OMBRA) workshop as an introductory overview of RC as a free course for all comers. We are doing this through regular monthly meetings and are referenced in this process by our Area Reference Person and the originators of the OMBRA workshop.
Meanwhile we are reconfiguring existing courses to focus on navigating conflict and de-colonizing our own thinking, these course being: –
Eliminating Common sources of Conflict from Group Dynamics (I am playing with renaming the Designing Productive Meetings and Events course here and am open to suggestions)
Reclaiming discharge – developing our capacity to courageously attend to eliminating hundreds to thousands year-old patterns of separation (aka oppressions and internalized oppressions of many flavors) including racism, the class system, domination of nature, sexism, imperialism and many more …
Liberation from oppression – understanding how oppressions arise, how these are spread and maintained and how these trap us in dysfunctional, irrational societies. The primary emphasis of this training is on practicing proven processes that enable us to turn the volume down on these noxious dynamics with the intention to eliminate them as thoroughly as we can.

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