Funding Circle

What we do – our domain, vision, mission and aims

Our Domain is in Finance & Economics

  • Identify and highlight value exchange / funding opportunities
  • Identify, secure and mobilise resources that support participants to nurture existing initiatives and develop new eco-social enterprises, projects and initiatives that address identified challenges in permaculture, or add additional value to permaculture networks; 
  • Identify and build relationships with fundraisers and fiscal sponsors working within permaculture and support them to be more effective
  • Apply for funding on behalf of CoLab, its members and appropriate initiatives of the wider permaculture movement
  • Create an opportunity to access resources and research for permaculture related projects and innovations in the field
  • Identify priorities, gaps and significant change-making opportunities in the permaculture movement that need resourcing
  • Provide proposal writing assistance, partnership or leadership, including references and movement information
  • Provide advice / consultations to enhance aspiring funding applicants, including monitoring and evaluation
  • Provide training and sharing resources related to fundraising
  • Create a community of practice

Who we are

Tanya Medukha

Previous writer and market researcher.
Start up founder and a fundraiser.
Deeply interested in creating a circular economy which mimics the diversity and inclusivity of nature.
I’m currently doing two things: researching funding opportunities that apply to permaculture projects, and visiting projects to learn about their work, their plans, and their needs.
In the space between I’m forming connections, communicating grant requirements, and helping projects apply for funding.

Aimee Fenech

I have been involved in permaculture and regenerative startups these past 9 years, after a decade long career in financial administration and wealth management. As a freelancer I work in four main domains, web development and digital permaculture, project management and startup incubation, permaculture design, education and soil science.

I am an active member of various circles within the CoLab including, Capacity+ as project manager and core team member, Digital Circle as project manager, financial administrator and service providers and the Funding Circle as a service provider and circle member.

You can learn about all of the funding research and grant writing support services here

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