Stories to Decolonise Permaculture

Creating a free resource of stories about the origins and inspirations behind permaculture to aid teachers and practitioners in decolonising permaculture


Rakesh Rootsman Rak, Ewan Findley, Jemma Findley

Reporting Officer: Rakesh Rootsman Rak


Diversity, participation and engagement, Emergent festival, Next Steps project 


April 2023

By the end of October 2023 we will have
1. A way for people to capture electronically stories of the origins and inspirations of permaculture.
2. A process in place to verify the content
3. A way in which to share for free verified content to the public
4. Run a session for CoLab to explain how people can add content and how to use the content
5. Run a session for Permaculture Association Britain’s Educators CoP to explain how they can add content and how to use the content
6. Deliver a session on this work at the UK Permaculture convergence in September


Updated aims due to lack of funding through the Emergent Festival –

The amount allocated means we have budget for 24 hours of work, hence the first 3 parts of the project
8 – 8 – Look at what data we want to capture
8 – 16 – Create a structure to hold the data in a meaningful and flexible way (normalisation)
8 – 24 – Create a way for people to enter the initial sample content.

To complete the project we will apply for further funding from the CoLab Diversity pot.
For any shortfall, we will do crowdfunding to the general permaculture people worldwide.
We are confident we will achieve this, so this initial amount is a great way to get us up and running.


November 2023 Update

The following objectives have been met:

By the end of October 2023 we will have
1. The initial input for stories is via the following Google forms. In the future we may move this to a baserow form. 
2. The main criteria for verification is to ensure the content is a genuine story (not spam), and that it is not discriminatory or offensive.
3. We have set up a baserow database to contain the final content which can be found here
4. This was delivered on 22nd November. A recording of which can be found here on YouTube 
5. This was done in person at the Permaculture Educators gathering in London on 22nd September. We received very good feedback and ideas of how to improve the work. This is also where we finalised the criteria on how to verify data. 
6. This was delivered in person on 23rd September at the permaculture festival in London. It was again very well received. This is where we decided to also accept audio and video recordings, which were not part of the original idea.


Rakesh has also delivered the content to several other permaculture practitioners including his students and other key people.
We are now ready to accept stories from anyone who has a good story to tell. So look forward to hearing from you