Permaculture in Africa

We would like to explore the possibility of incubating a circle that would bridge the gap between grassroots projects in Africa and the CoLab (and beyond). 


Aimee Fenech, Aline VaMo, Siobhan Vida Ashmole, Josie Redmonds

Reporting Officer, Aimee Fenech


Prototyping, Emergent festival, Next Steps project, Diversity, participation and engagement


We would like to conduct a picture forming exercise to put together a Vision, Mission and Aims for this project that is co-created by stakeholders present in the CoLab

Starting with answering:

  • what could be the main objectives of this project

  • what could be the next steps in order to get the project on the road

  • Who needs to be included and consulted to make this project effective?

  • What do we consider effective and impactful here?

At the end of this exercise we should be able to:

  1. produce a co-created VMAs

  2. identify next steps & have enough information for an action plan

  3. Identify possible collaborators/ important groups we should consider working together with

We aim to complete this exercise between March 18 and April 15 and would release the findings during the Emergent Festival.


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