Welcome Community Gardening Team

What we do…

 The Welcome Community Gardening Team takes care of the onboarding process for the International Permaculture CoLab.

We host monthly onboarding calls and half yearly gatherings and curate the journey into the CoLab.

As you come into the CoLab they are the first people to welcome you and help you find your way.

The team can be found on the CoLab slack space in the #welcome-gardening channel.

Ongoing Project

Our team has secured a grant for three years to fund our work, you can read more about it here.

We are an open Circle

You can join as a volunteer with the welcome community gardening team once you’re joined the CoLab Slack workspace.

Meet the team

Aimee Fenech

Jyo Maan

Charles Blass

Do you have questions for the Welcome Community Gardening Team? Drop us a line!