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Increasingly governments and private organizations alike are opening up to permaculture as a real solution to climate change. 

From orchard planting and re-wilding to restoration and sustainable food production,  communities, organizations, and businesses have support available to do work which aligns with our innate needs as human beings and cares for the earth as our home.

In the past, we as an organization have done individual announcements of funding opportunities. Now, Permaculture CoLab is dedicating time to building a funding pathway. 

The start is the funding opportunities database.

Limited time offerings

The Funding circle is offering application review & grant writing services for the Hildur Jackson Award in 3 tiers:
Application review: 100 euros
This service includes notes and edits and is suitable for those who have already filled out the application and need a final look.
Rewrites of application sections are not included.
Collaborative application writing: 225 euros
This service includes: rewrites, notes, and edits.
This option is best for those who started to fill out the application but are uncertain about how to complete certain sections.
Completion of blank sections and review of additional documents is not included.
Complete grant writing: 350 euros
This services includes writing of the entire application by the grant writer based on documents provided + a round of review.

If you would like to pursue this award please get in touch with us using the contact form below.

Are you looking for a personalized approach towards your organization? The Funding circle is able to offer grant-matching, grant-writing, and consultation services to suit your needs. Click on the button below to learn more.

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