Communication Guild

The focus of this work will be to develop a Communications Strategy for the CoLab, embodying it by doing work to satisfy some of the immediate communications needs of various parts of the CoLab. By collecting information from reports, and interactions with people and groups, they will observe and interact with the existing communications patterns in the CoLab. Out of that process, the Guild will develop a communication and engagement strategy based on Permaculture and Regenerative principles, one that honors and aims to accelerate the succession of the Vision, Mission and Aims (VMAs) of CoLab and its members.


Jillian Hovey, Lauren Minis, Luis Tiago 


Diversity, Participation & Engagement, Capacity+ project


Inspire a culture, practices, and guidelines that we weave into the CoLab through various forms of engagement focused on bringing the communications work alive in the CoLab. 


– Co-designing engagement and communications strategies for permaculture networks.
– Designing transparent ways for “external” individuals to get involved with ongoing CoLab processes and Capacity+ work (this will be supported by others in its implementation).
– Promoting the micro-enterprises being incubated in CoLab and advertising their services (being responsive to each one’s needs and designing for synergies).
– Development of Communications Micro-enterprises for financial sustainability of communications domain within CoLab.