CoLab Permaculture Design

The CoLab has been experimenting with its current form over the past 3-5 years. The reports from 2020 show that there are barriers to involvement with the CoLab, and other tensions within it. This is a good time to practice the core Permaculture Principle of “Accept Feedback & Apply Self-Regulation” in the CoLab ecosystem.

Building on their investment in understanding the CoLab, we are proposing to lead a Permaculture Design Process to support the CoLab to collaboratively develop the next iteration of a design for itself. 


Jillian Hovey, Philipp Grunewald


Diversity, Participation & Engagement, Capacity+ project


Will be a learning journey of applying permaculture ethics, principles, and design methodologies to the needs and yields, elements and functions of the CoLab. This process will hold space for what wants to emerge, and support permaculture thinking, tools and skills to become more of a fundamental literacy & practice in the Permaculture CoLab. The intention is to “Accelerate Succession” and co-create more conscious, healthy and regenerative patterns and pathways for the Permaculture CoLab, which will support the CoLab in becoming more effective at delivering its Vision, Mission, and Aims (VMAs).


– An integral aspect of healthy systems is to have feedback loops so that the system can learn and grow in increasingly regenerative ways.
– To practice permaculture and regeneration, it is important to co-create environments where we can learn to collaboratively accept and apply feedback and self-regulate, and support the CoLab to evolve and become more effective. In doing this, we can co-create the next stages of understanding of the ecosystem that will support the value flows that will support Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share.
– A Permaculture Design process for the CoLab, can hold space for these learning loops in a permaculture framework where we can learn together in a collaborative design process. This can stimulate and include existing and potential CoLab members to bring more of their intelligences, passions, and possibilities, to a mutually-designed and regenerative Permaculture CoLab.