CoLab Ecosystem’s Event Economy

This is a Three Phase project to design and catalyze an event-based economy for the Permaculture CoLab and our broader social ecosystem; to increase both quality and quantity of engagement, build relationships across aligned movements and organizations, and develop members’ capacities.

The Three Phases are:

  • Organizing and Facilitation of multiple event formats
  • Training and Coaching to increase delivery of events by & for CoLab
  • Coordination and Evaluation of CoLab ecosystem’s event economy


 Naomi Joy Smith, Keala Young


Diversity, Participation & Engagement, Capacity+ project


We want to design and run a solid project that accelerates Capacity+ goals by creating openings for various stakeholder groups to participate, meeting 4 core social needs: playing, learning, working & strengthening connections.

By designing guidelines and resources for events across the CoLab ecosystem, and then deliberately training CoLab members and prospective contributors in this system, we will ignite an organic increase in engagement and capacity building, driving forward a bulk of Capacity+ deliverables by applying focus on this key question: how, when and why we meet with whom, and what formats are available to work with?


A scaffolding for increasing engagement, which looks like:

  • Co-hosting 8 events including the first two quarterly Open Space events (see definitions below); a Live Presentation of our work after 21 weeks; a CoLab Social, a Network Social, a Deep Dive, a Meet & Greet, and another Presentation that we will support (to be selected in Oct).
  • 2 Trainings: one for members of CoLab in how to use this system (the pilot, and we will appreciate your feedback), and a second for any prospective contributors to create livelihood options through the facilitation or organization of events and workshops using the formats provided (includes resources in how to use Open Collective and the Calendar system). 
  • Recommended events hosted by entities in the CoLab ecosystem.
    We will hunt for events that Capacity+ can consider using training funds toward for members, and wherever possible we will work to arrange group or network discounts.
  • A Calendar that shows events happening in the CoLab ecosystem; indicates whether attendance can be financially compensated, who is running the events, and who they’re for.
    This will become a resource for CoLab to deliver more events and workshops in future as a source of revenue, and we will work with the Website Team to embed this on our own website. We also aim to feed the information into #newsletter channel to inform our subscriber list of future CoLab events by email.