CoLab Social Mapping

Picking suitable and ethical software to create a mapping prototype for people and organizations involved in the CoLab, creating a mapping tool with Colab member and organization information to serve as a collaboration resource to all members.


Pushpak Parmar, Tanya Medukha


Network Weaving, Capacity+ project


Research work aligns with Mapping prototype funding priority. The research and design process sets up the necessary groundwork for mapping tool utilization in creation of the mapping prototype which would clearly display members and organizations and what they bring to permaculture CoLab.


  • An ethical preferably open-source tool which can be effectively used to create a mapping prototype.
  • A layout which would utilize the mapping tool to create a representative snippet of the mapping prototype.
  • A UX research study done by interviewing active members of CoLab.
  • The final mapping prototype which acts as a visually cohesive representation of the Colab network.