For the Digital Circle support team to provide tech support to the 14th International Permaculture Convergence at various levels including:
* web development

* appropriate technology research and consultation

* support before and during the event

* support facilitation of good legacy between the current event and subsequent events

With the understanding that this work is made available to subsequent events organizers

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Aimee Fenech, Luis Tiago


Network Weaving, Capacity+ project


Tech support starting immediately and coming up to the IPC14 event before and during the event as well if needed. As outlined in the description of this proposal.


Opensource documentation of the process and building of the services are we learn from this project to support future projects. Enable the IPC14 team to focus on other aspects of the event organisation. Create an opportunity for the CoLab to widen its horizons by collaborating and perhaps as we take on more work also provide additional sustainable livelihoood opportunities to new digital circle members.