Global Permaculture Movement Map

Produce a map of Permaculture Associations and strategic networks worldwide and online which is easily accessed and maintained by the community.


Kate Swatridge, Andy Goldring


Network Weaving, Next Steps Project


Phase 1

Review existing permaculture maps (and databases and surveys) (e.g. Permaculture Association Britain (PAB) database, Permaculture Global (Geoff Lawton), P. Convergence aggregator website database, The Next Big Step organisational survey, EUPN Europe map, etc). 

Publish list of current maps, with notes on their uses and limitations, on an initial project webpage on

Identify expected map users and their needs.

Define who to be included on the map (in this phase of funding and in future phases).  As part of this, collaborate with Outreach & Engagement project team to develop a taxonomy of permaculture movement for the purposes of CoLab.

Draft a high level specification for the map (to include purpose, audience, accessibility requirements, data fields, desired features and functionality). 

On-board the new International Coordinator from PAB to this project.

Find and recruit mapping tech person to help deliver map as per specification (which can evolve as we learn).

Review initial mapping software review work done by Luis Tiago. Do further research of Free Open Source Software (FOSS) mapping platforms as required and select one. ( )

Identify data fields to be included on the map. Draft questions for the data collection form. Set up form.

Administer a pilot survey (using data collection form) to a mix of at least 20 regional and national networks or associations.  Test questions and use data to create a very simple Pilot Map v1. To enable data testing as minimum, could also seek feedback from potential users and mapees, and may also test platform. This may or may not be on the desired mapping platform.

Complete a phase 1 retrospective and design phase 2 and phase 3 of the project.


April 2023 Update

We had planned a slow start due to short term capacity constraints of the team, and pending recruitment of a new PAB International Coordinator, who will be supporting this project as part of their role.

PAB International Coordinator start date has been delayed until June. This should not impact the project as design work can still take place.

There is lots of potential to collaborate with other Next Steps projects during the development of the map, and there is interest in the map project from the CoLab community.

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