Funding Circle incubation

People from the international permaculture community, who have some
background in funding, are being strategically invited to co-create
the Funding Circle and its VMAs. Materials developed for this
outreach will be coordinated with the Welcoming and Communications
functions of the CoLab, with a view to also support those invited to
explore joining the CoLab. A funding database of funding
opportunities and funding clients will be set up, and a first funding
application supported. The intention is to become a self-sustaining
Funding Circle supporting the ongoing work in this domain, which will
benefit the Permaculture CoLab and its members.


Aimee Fenech, Jillian Hovey, Lauren Minis


Circle incubation and nourishment, Capacity+ project


Facilitate the co-creation of a prototype Funding Circle with its Vision, Mission, and Aims (VMAs) collaboratively shaped, where the Circle is activated to further its own development with a view to becoming self-sustaining


– Set up a funding page on the website where funding opportunities are made public, include profiles of freelancers and consultants in the funding field
– Set up a repository of funding applications (both successful and otherwise) on the pccolab nextcloud instance which funding writers / colab members can consult with submissions from colab members and beyond
– Develop a microenterprise framework to support funding applicants to look for and apply for funds, where potential freelance fundraisers have been identified, paired, and invited to explore fundraising for the CoLab and its members