Translation Circle Incubation

The Translation Circle is a group of multicultural and multilingual individuals with a sensitivity for Permaculture Concepts across frontiers. More than just technical translation, our group offers bridges, allowing more dynamic exchanges to happen between local, regional and international permaculture groups and individuals within the PC Colab as to its external collaborators and followers.


Aline VaMo, Claudia Dörr, Luiza Oliveira, Mayi Lekuona, Meiling Colorado


Circle incubation and nourishment


The translation circle service is a prototype of a regenerative enterprise model that offers translation services to collectives of people and individuals across the planet who are looking for a technically knowledgeable and culturally sensitive translation service of material that is directed towards Design for Sustainability. We feel this ecological niche allows us to help accelerate succession to a truly sustainable future whilst generating right livelihoods in the socio-economic environment.


– Translation of the PC CoLab’s core documents, maintaining a style and sense of written coherence.
– A personal bridge to a larger and more diverse network of permaculture practitioners, mediating between cultures by showing understanding of the cultural backgrounds and adapting the information from one emissor to the final recipient.
– Translation service ad hoc (written and spoken – as interpreters) available to partners of the CoLab as well as external PC practitioners and anyone working in the Sustainability and Regenerative Design field.
– Create a glossary of words and terminologies that are being used by the CoLab community at present and might be used for future projects in order to make this vocabulary (possibly rather “academic” or “business-like” for some) accessible to all.
– Implementing research on specific terms and technicalities related to permaculture and the functioning of the CoLab, building on work of others already committed to this task and co-creating valuable resources across languages with them.