CoLab eLearing Platform

This proposal is for;

  1. The installation and set-up configuration of the Learning Managment Platform on behalf of Permaculture CoLab.
  2. Onboarding and assistance for the current Power & Permaculture course (being funded by Capacity+ funds) creators in how to build their course on the platform.
  3. The LMS plugin can be offered to other groups/circles/projects within and with links to the CoLab.

    Find the Learn website here


Aimee Fenech, Jyo Man




A resource for Colab members to be able to offer courses online in line with the Permaculture Colab Vision Mission and Aims.
A microenterprise offer run by Digital Circle to make this widely available in the permaculture community also outside of the colab through sharing of the professional licence.


  1. Installation of plugin on the Permaculture CoLab website

  2. Set up of plugin to a point where it is functioning and usable for course creators

  3. Onboarding and assisting course creators in how to work with the platform, either in person or through video guides if synchronous meetings can not be scheduled.

This project is to install and set up the digital infrastructure to enable the following objective from the Capacity+ Project;

Training and eLearning: through the delivery of training and the creation and curation of eLearning systems and materials we aim to enhance the capacity of contributors to meet CoLab aims and incentivise participation of unpaid contributors.”

It will lead to an online course hosted on the CoLab website which offers essential diversity training to the CoLab network.