Learn Team

The Learn team is attempting to create both free and paid educational permaculture resources that can be accessed by anybody.

The Learn team receives a small amount of funding from the Next Steps Project that is for LMS digital licenses, plugins, and web hosting.

They have also received funding from the Emergent Festival.

Find the Learn website here

Project Aims

The aim of the project is to create a pool of resources that align with permaculture values. This will provide value, it will give a platform for teachers and facilitators to offer their work,  and it will help to bring people into the CoLab space.


Aimee Fenech, Charlie Wilson, Daniel Atwell

Reporting Officer: Charlie Wilson


Training and eLearning, Next Steps project, Capacity+ project


February 2023

We have already built a course that shows users how to navigate the LMS. This means that they can easily build their own online courses and host them on the Learn website.

Our focus now is on building out more resources. When we have a website with a number of resources, we believe that it will be easier to attract other teachers who want to add their own courses to the Learn website.


 September 2023 Update

We have created an online course – Designing Work Spaces For All. It is now being reviewed and tested.

We have created the CoLab Podcast. One new episode will be released per month.

We are hosting a Transition Facilitators Training course from September- November 2023. Recordings will be available for those who cannot make it live. 

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