Practical Solutions Research and Development

Research, document and develop practical solutions to major challenges of our time including water shortages, loss of biodiversity, food production and strengthening local economies.

Research & document a case study over three years producing an annual report of solutions trials and results.


Aimee Fenech, Anton Oussik, Paco and Adrian Garcia, Ras Cresswell

Reporting Officer: Anton Oussik


Prototyping, Grassroots Permaculture Project, Next Steps Project


Split budget across our four main themes following the seasons:

water shortages (spring/summer)

optimizing irrigation practices
maintenance/repairs to irrigation system
documenting & optimizing water catchment systems already in place

strengthening local economy (all year)

document participate and promote local exchange practices
collaborate with local initiatives including the seed-bank, permaculture initiatives

food production (spring to autumn)

optimizing and document farm harvests from main crop, foraging and wild foods

biodiversity (quarterly)

put in place scientific survey practices to document changing levels in biodiversity
document creation and effects of micro climates through changes in water management


See the attached report in Resources Created below.