Permaculture Glossary

Create a glossary for CoLab and permaculture, including linking to related terms from other disciplines. Enable community contributions to glossary.


Ewan Findley, Kate Swatridge

Reporting Officer: Ewan Findley


Emergent festival, Next Steps project, Prototyping


1. Research and list current glossary efforts from across the network (by end April)

2. Review different approaches taken to the above list and evaluate pros/cons (by end April)

3. Define needs of a new glossary system based on learnings, include the consideration of a community contributed maintenance model (by end May)

4. Design new glossary system (by end of June)

5. Begin collecting terms and definitions from networks, in part from volunteers, in part by aggregating data already collected with permissions (July to end of September)

6. Build new glossary system (July to end of September)

7. Publish and promote glossary across networks in CoLab Slack, website, newsletter & ask others to share and start using it (September)

8. Strategy for continued stewardship (September)


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