CoLab Podcast

The CoLab Podcast was funded through the Emergent Festival and is hosted on the Learn website.

In these Podcast interviews, we interview people from around the world who are involved in interesting and inspiring grassroots permaculture projects.


Aims of the project

The aim is to give a platform for grassroots permaculture projects to speak about what they are doing and to gain exposure and promotion.

We also aim to create a pool of educational resources that can be accessed by anybody. This will provide value and will help to attract people to the CoLab. 



Charlie Wilson, Daniel Attwell

Reporting Officer: Charlie Wilson


Training and eLearning, Emergent festival, Next Steps project 


April 2023

We would prepare by using the CoLab slack channel and CoLab newsletter to find 6 willing participants who want to be interviewed about their grassroots permaculture projects. This could take 1 month.

Before the interviews, we would glean some basic information about the participant’s projects so that we can then prepare questions.

The interviews themselves would be 1 hour long at a maximum. We would aim to do one interview a week, over the course of 6 weeks. We would pay the participants a fee for the interviews as an incentive.

After the interviews, there may need to be some minor editing. We would need to do a short write-up and then upload the materials to the Learn website, perhaps adding some graphics and making it look presentable.

We would then seek to promote the podcasts using the CoLab Slack channel, CoLab LinkedIn, and CoLab newsletter.


October 2023

We received extra funding, and finally had the capacity to record 7 podcast interviews.

All of the interviews have been completed, listened back to, and edited

We have created a “home” page for the CoLab podcasts and then created individual web pages for each interview. We have added a write-up and some simple graphics.

We plan to release one episode per month, using the CoLab newsletter, slack channel, and LinkedIn channel to promote the podcast episodes.

resources created

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