Online Learning Platform

Educator Commons Collaboration

The Educators Membership and Permaculture Association are co-developing an online learning platform and commons to enable the delivery of remote and blended permaculture and other modules and courses.

The online learning platform will be developed to a state where it is possible for CoLab and its allied networks to create their own online courses. This platform can be used later for upskilling and onboarding into CoLab itself for example.


Ewan Findley


Training and eLearning, Capacity+ project


Use this learning to make a template for CoLab and it’s wider network to create courses and engage CoLab in the best use of resources to develop a course.
Promote the CoLab through the Online Learning project course and communications (MOG’s, educators slack, newsletters, commons meetings etc), so to engage more people with CoLab


Help them identify the best technologies and processes to support which will be the basis of our learning:
– The move to open source platform
– Align the tech with Open badges
– Blended Transformative learning
– Reach a wider audience
– Develop their current work on accessibility, inclusion and equity
– Reaching further with their international educators membership for the commons