Next Steps Project

The Next Steps Project is funded by a permaculture aligned Foundation which prefers to remain anonymous. This group funded project includes a number of projects within the CoLab from the start of 2023 through to the end of 2025. For more information on individual projects, see the Projects page. 


Project Manager: Aimee Fenech

Evaluation and Monitoring: Kate Swatridge

Funding and Grant Writing: Tanya Medukha

Communications Officer: Charlie Wilson

Financial Admin: Nataliia Bryzhytska


Next Steps project



To support new research and existing research projects on the ground and online pertaining to permaculture and it’s wider applications including digital ethical tools, monitoring and evaluation techniques, permaculture convergences and working towards a more connected permaculture movement.

Offer a tailormade training programme for the colab and allied networks and communities.

To provide the colab services in order to continue it’s work in line with the vision, mission and aims.

To provide access to Digital Tools needed by CoLab projects.

To support engagement initiatives in the colab and with allied networks and communities.

Support emergent projects in the colab & with allied networks & communities.

Support diversity & decolonization activities, training & participation in the CoLab.

Fiscal Host costs.


resources created

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