Digital Circle Provision of Services to the CoLab

Provision of tech services, hosting and access to ethical tools


Ewan Findley, Aimee Fenech

Reporting Officer: Ewan Findley


CoLab maintenance, Next Steps project 


Put together the invoice for existing services due for renewal in 2023.

Maintain services up and running, run updates, backups, troubleshoot as needed.

Provide additional services within budget including installation and training and management of the services.


April 2023 Update

We have developed a secure and resilient way to manage our team’s logins, account credentials and passwords so that we can manage this as a team through our asynchronous part time working patterns.

We have new exciting offerings in the form of FOSS applications that we need to make widely known through the CoLab and associated networks so that we may all benefit from this.

We’ve successfully provided fast support to CoLab members who rely on digital circle services.

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