Inclusive Organising Technologies

Development & research into inclusive organizational models within self-organised bodies / communities to be developed and revised.

Research, testing and prototyping into inclusive ways that is documented and shared widely within the community.


Aimee Fenech, Aline VaMo, Kinga Milankovics, Andy Goldring


Prototyping, Next Steps Project


Review and update the aims of the CoLab an exercise in simplification.

Simple review of available tools (S3 etc) Description of current situation (working / not / gaps).

Development of simple new ‘User Guide/Handbook’.

Documenting the process of how the above is done to be shared as a case study.


April 2023 Update

The CoLab seems to be a well operating organism without any real guidebooks or rules showing us the way (currently). We believe this may have to do with personal energies, both from people that can and do “lead” and from people who take responsibility to “just do it”. Highlighting the latter (self-organized – proactivity – responsibility) to any newcomers to the CoLab might be key.

A draft for a form to collect data has been started. We will share this with the CoLab community after our next meeting, planned for the 18th of April.

resources created

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