Inclusive Organising Technologies

Self-Organizing is the natural way that cells have made it through evolution to become the magic that we see all around us everyday.  Many animal formations are great examples of this today, such as colonies of ants or geese flying in formation over long distances. It doesn’t seem to come as naturally however to many of modern society’s organizations and groups of people. Which tools and technology do we have available to us as a movement to become better, and more inclusive, at organizing ourselves?


Project Aims

Development & research into inclusive organization modes (technology and tools) within self-organised bodies / communities to be developed and revised by teams / circles.

Research, testing and prototyping into inclusive ways that is documented and shared widely within the community.


Aimee Fenech, Aline VaMo, Kinga Milankovics, Andy Goldring

Reporting Officer: Aline VaMo


Prototyping, Next Steps Project


February 2023

1. Review and update the aims of the CoLab as an exercise in simplification.

2. Simple review of available tools (S3 etc).

3. Description of current situation (working / not working / gaps).

4. Development of simple new ‘User Guide/Handbook’.

5. Documenting the process of how the above is done to be shared as a case study.


September 2023 Update

We are currently working through our objectives and we aim to have 1-2-3 completed by mid-October 2023. Objectives 4 and 5 will be completed by mid-December 2023.

When we set the following set of objectives, the SMART goals for 2024, Y2 of this project, we will aim towards deepening our understanding of the tools available to use and broadening our possible audience.

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