Convergence Research

A research into tools, best practices and learnings from various online, blended and live permaculture convergence organisers across the globe.


Aimee Fenech, Annaïk Le Net, Cândida Shinn, Maria Prieto, Naomi Joy Smith


Network Weaving, Next Steps project 

Aims for 2022

Convergence organisers and participants will benefit from this work with access to learnings from previous experiences and recommendations. By working with members of PIRN, IPCC and others we will be strengthening the collaboration bonds between teams whilst working towards a common goal. We will also be raising the visibility of CoLab in the larger permaculture community.


A design and collection of effective practices and most common challenges, feedback that convergence organisers can refer to when preparing online and blended convergences and that other permaculture colab Circles and organizers can integrate into strategy about services to offer to organizers in the permaculture movement.

Aims for 2023 and ahead

Identify next steps to further the study based on findings from case studies already done.

Shortlist convergences to include in the next stages of the study.

Collaborate with permaconvergence/communication for outreach.

Look into collaboration with the “Global Permaculture Movement Map” and “Permaculture Convergence website / aggregator” activities.

Proceed with formulating objectives once the next steps have been identified.

Review and edit audiovisual materials to design outreach strategy.


April update

We have had only 2 work meetings since the kick-off, both without the whole team being present, so there is a sense of wanting/needing to plan and organise, which is included in the agenda of the next meeting on the 19th April. Some workflow has been initiated such as reaching out to other CoLab circles for feedback on questionnaire structure, as well as review of previous reports so as to inform phase 2 research. Some CoLab members that are open to help with outreach strategy have been identified (via discussion at the Q1 Forum on 17th April).

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