NONAME Network Weaving

The NONAME Network Weaving initiative aims to facilitate connections across boundaries of impact networks such as Permaculture CoLab worldwide, without inviting people to join one more online community or a platform. Whenever an initiative is given a name a boundary emerges (who’s in and who’s out). By choosing to not name our initiative we are positioning ourselves to work across boundaries.

The long-term goal is to catalyse a functional global network of networks, through support of collaborations across boundaries of impact networks worldwide, mainly by closing triangles and supporting emergence of small groups. An “open triangle” exists where one person knows two other people who are not yet connected to each other: the triangle is closed by introducing these two people to each other.



Carolina Carvalho, Nenad Maljkovic


Network Weaving, Capacity+ project


  • Increased CoLab visibility in other aligned networks.

  • Active connection between the CoLab and stewards from other networks, hopefully leading to meaningful collaborations.

  • A cross-pollination event that will benefit members of all participating communities for exposure to different ideas, backgrounds / approaches.

  • Opportunity for CoLab network weavers to learn and share insights with peers.

  • NONAME initiative microsite at with minimum viable map embedded:


A minimum of 5 triangle closing sessions with Permaculture CoLab connectors and stewards from other impact networks / communities, a minimum of 2 small group cross-network weaving sessions bringing together several communities.