I am interested in research, resources, events, and training

I am interested in Research, Resources, Events, and Training

I am looking for:

  • Community organisation templates
  • Research papers
  • Training and workshop designs
  • Upcoming events
  • eLearning courses


Research and Resources

Access free community organisation templates, research papers and case studies, training and workshop designs.

events and training

Find out about training and events offered by the CoLab, CoLab members and Allied Networks.

colab podcast

Listen into the CoLab podcast, which is hosted on the Learn website.
It includes interviews with people involved in grassroots permaculture projects.

Learn Team Services

“Learn” is an eLearning Platform that offers educational and entertainment resources that align with permaculture values.

Permaculture International Research Network - PIRN

PIRN is an online network that promotes knowledge exchange, provides peer group support, gives access to journals and books, and develops research projects.

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