I am from a permaculture project

I am from a local / community permaculture project…

Local and community based permaculture projects are the foundation on which most permaculture practice is built. You are the people on the ground building a more sustainable way of life.

The CoLab offers help with building communication and collaboration skills, finding funding, helping to build an ethical business, and growing your network by connecting with other projects around the world.

Training and Skills Building

CoLab offers resources which may be useful for you, for example: an online course in accessibility and diversity or a workshop on conflict resolution. There are also case studies of permaculture projects and templates available in our shop mostly for free, for instance: how to set fair wages.

community built Resources

Access free community organisation templates, research papers and case studies, training and workshop designs.

Upskill your project

Take part in trainings in a variety of skills useful for permaculture projects.

Attend an Event

Join online workshops and events that help projects build their skills and capacities in various domains.

Funding Support

The CoLab offers help with finding grant funding, writing funding applications and joining in ventures with other permaculture projects.

find grants

Find funding in our database of over 100 current grants that fund permaculture.

get help applying

Get support with writing your grant applications.

join group funding applications

Join other projects to find funding together.

Networking Support

The CoLab offers help with easily and quickly setting up a website for your project and maintaining it. There is a global map of permaculture projects where you can show your project, and you can get in contact with other permaculture projects and people around the world.

Set up a website

Get help to easily create a website to tell the world about your project.

explore the global map

Find / see permaculture projects near you and around the world.

Build your team

Find the right people for your project.

get connected

Join the CoLab. Find other people and projects to share experiences.

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