Permaculture Design for the Funding Circle – at incubation stage

We have started a Permaculture Design process for the Permaculture CoLab. We are applying permaculture design methodologies & tools to the CoLab ecosystem. As this Funding Circle is forming, it is a wonderful opportunity to develop a “Permaculture Design” for the Funding Circle. In our 2nd meeting, we started into this “social permaculture” territory by looking at “zones” of people’s involvement in the Funding Circle. It was a fun way for us to see our entry into the Funding Circle, and our potential positioning in its development.

Zone 0 currently: Jillian, Aimee, Lauren anchoring starting the Circle
Zone 1: Andy is anchored with the funder and is with CoLab’s fiscal sponsor

There’s an opportunity to move interested people into the different Zones for this Circle.

We will continue on with this process, which will include:

  • Continuing to develop the “Zones” of People’s Involvement
  • The different types of people, projects, and organizations who will be engaged in the Funding Circle’s activities
  • The “Needs & Yields” or “Inputs & Outputs” of the Funding Circle
  • Using a Permaculture Design methodology, such as SADI, SADIMET, GOBRADIME, etc.

We intend for the Permaculture Design Process for the Permaculture CoLab to be creative and emergent. We will be hosting various Permaculture Design sessions over the coming months, including for the Funding Circle. We look forward to your participation in this “Social Permaculture” experiment! Please let us know if you have any ideas for it – we would love your input. 🙂