Maintaining a vibrant and active space

The International Permaculture CoLab maintains an active space policy to keep engagement high and make the boundaries of our organism more explicit.

The policy is that members who do not participate in the CoLab Slack for 6 months will have their accounts deactivated. You can ask to rejoin anytime – easypeasy.

For more information please read the FAQ below 🙂


Welcome Gardening Circle
 Aimee Fenech, Jyo Maan, Charles Blass


Wait, what?

The CoLab has an ambitious mission; to enhance the local to global coherence and effectiveness of permaculture. It’s not a petition that you sign once, or a Facebook group that you join out of casual interest – we are a community of people around the world who are passionate about serving the permaculture movement and are aiming to contribute actively and sustainably to make this happen.

If you are still interested in participating, we have in place an onboarding process that can support you to find your niche in this organism. If you’re more interested in receiving infrequent updates, you can sign up for our newsletter.

We also welcome regular collaboration with other permaculture organizations and maintain a calendar of events that contributes towards maintaining our relationships across (as well as within) the boundaries of the CoLab social ecosystem 🙂

Active in a Circle that’s not on Slack?

We trust that this will not negatively affect CoLab members and circles who may be communicating through other channels, though Circle Leads might like to maintain your own record of active members, so you can still have access to threads that may be linked to.

Can I become a member later?

Yes absolutely! We encourage you to re-join once it fits your life better.

All you have to do is sign up here. You’ll get a new on-boarding (streamlined if it’s been less than 12 months since your last login), which involves support navigating our workspace.

We are also working on an easier way to view what circles and working groups are functioning in the CoLab as well as openings and information on stipends or wages for these. If you haven’t found your ‘calling’ yet, you can de-clutter your life by leaving the CoLab now and following our newsletter updates to see what comes along that fits your journey; the online events might be a better way to connect.

This way it will be easier to figure out ahead of time how you might fit in to the social landscape; whether writing a proposal to fill a gap, incubating a new circle, participating casually in a circle, or linking your work with our node. This ecosystem is still maturing… without centralized control!