The International Permaculture CoLab is actively looking to appoint 2 people for the Emergent Festival within the Next Steps Project. Perhaps one could lead and the second could support.

The Festival Coordinators Team will be comprised of people who are skilled facilitators with experience in coordinating within a self organized system.

We anticipate this position will be paid on an hourly basis on an equitable wage rate and will require around 20 hours of time over the next few months. With a total maximum budget for both roles of 1000 GBP.

The positions will be active until the Emergent Festival is finished and will be reopened at the start of the project year again next February for the third (and final) year .

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Keep the festival running smoothly on time and on budget
  • Manage admin tasks on CoBudget / Slack– training for this will be provided
  • Manage communications & assist Festival Rockstars & Ravers to actively participate
  • Host fun Festival Events within timelines provided – see timeline
  • Feedback into the festival setup for future improvements
  • Complete quarterly & end of project monitoring reports as per other Next Steps projects

Having 2 people on this team enables an opportunity to co-design events and assign tasks between the crew as needed.

The project manager will be on hand to provide support and induction training. Applications for this position can be submitted in the #next-steps-project channel, tell us why you want to be involved, your capacity and your experience with group facilitation and events hosting.


Read the full Emergent Festival Policy here
You will need to become a colab member if you are not one already

Application opens 10th February and closes 17th February