:herb: The CoLab is recruiting: A Diversity & Decolonization Community Pot Coordinator 

The Diversity Coordination team will be comprised of at least 1 person (coordinator) who are themselves eligible for a diversity stipend and have interest and motivation to support projects and individuals in this theme of work. The coordinator will work alongside the Next Steps Project Manager (who is paid through their role budget line).

We anticipate this position will be paid on an hourly basis on an equitable wage rate and will require 15 – 20 hours time over the the course of 2024.

The positions will be active until the Diversity Community Pot is exhausted and will be reopened at the start of the project year again next February.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Support groups & individuals to apply for a diversity grant / stipend
  • Review applications for completion upon submission within 48 hours
  • Forward applications in the #next-steps-channel
  • Alert applicant of any pending clarifying questions / objections
  • Link successful applicants / contributors with the project manager for set up
  • Report to the community in #next-steps-project any issues that arise
  • Provide and pass on feedback of this process in order to improve it
  • Make a commitment not to disclose details about personal circumstance applicants might share.

The Next Steps Project Manager will be on hand to provide induction training and ongoing support.

Read the full Diversity & Decolonization Community Pot Policy here
You will need to become a colab member if you are not one already
Application opens 10th February and closes 17th February