The Capacity+ project ran from 2019 until 2022. The overarching aim of the Capacity+ project was to enhance the capacity of the CoLab to meet its aims.

The CoLab is now in the next phase of it’s development.  The Next Steps project is going to be taking the CoLab forwards until the beginning of 2026 (more details coming). 

Our Process & Philosophy

Management of Funds

Continuous support to contributors

Agile and iterative operational mode

Increased skills and understanding of participants

Effective circles delivering value to the wider network

New approaches to enhancing coherence and effectiveness

Enhanced participation, reflection and connection

we support the following sets of objectives

Training and eLearning: through the delivery of training and the creation and curation of eLearning systems and materials we aim to enhance the capacity of contributors to meet CoLab aims and incentivise participation of unpaid contributors.

Circle Incubation and nourishment: through incubating new circles (working groups) and nourishing existing circles we aim to enhance the capacity of the CoLab to meet its own aims.

Prototyping: through practically supporting the implementation of a range of prototype initiatives, enterprises, and services we aim to enhance the capacity of the CoLab to meet its own aims and to sustainably fund its existence.

Network weaving: through developing the relationships between contributing individuals and organisations, collaborators within and beyond the permaculture movement, and enhancing the collaborative capacity embedded in these relationships and processes (through facilitating social learning) we aim to enhance the capacity of the CoLab to meet its own aims.

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We are creating a microcosm that in time grows to be the norm. It is an evolutionary, regenerative process that is self-organizing (self-propagating, self-nourishing, self-educating, self-governing, and self-fulfilling – Thomas Berry) – all this to say that all of us doing Earth work need a space to experiment, strategise, philosophise, design, solve, play, decide, act, learn, grow, engage, influence together.

Capacity+ Team

We honor our past Capacity+ Core Members
Philipp Grunewald , Naomi Joy Smith, Ewan Findley, Nenad Maljkovic
Aimee Fenech

Project Management & Startup Incubator

Kate Swatridge

Project Evaluation

Luis Tiago

Digital & Communications