I am from a national permaculture association

I am from a strategic / national permaculture association or network..

National permaculture associations are the driving force for organising and bringing permaculture together. Engaging with strategic partners throughout society to help make the greatest possible impact. You are the people who bring in funding, shepherd new people into the permaculture movement and help people to work together.

The CoLab offers help with your website so you can focus on the content instead of the technical stuff, and provides tools for co-working and online communication. There is a range of courses: facilitating diverse groups, conflict resolution, etc. Fundraising support is available including a grants database. The CoLab is an international organisation and can help you connect with other associations and partners.

Digital Support

The CoLab has been prototyping online collaboration for years, and has found a range of suitable digital tools, as well as hosting and website solutions appropriate for the permaculture context. The CoLab Digital Circle was formed to share this learning, and offers a range of services to help you with your needs.


Get help with your website, to make sure it works and does all you need, so that you can focus on posting content and not the technical stuff.

Digital tools

Access digital tools to help you work together: File hosting and editing, a communication platform and a project management platform.

Training and skills building

The CoLab offers resources that may be useful for you: Online courses and workshops on governance, digital collaboration, diverse group facilitation, network weaving and conflict resolution etc. There are policy templates: a fair waging guide, and research papers on permaculture convergences, etc.

community built Resources

Find free community organisation templates, research papers and case studies, training and workshop designs.

online courses and TRAININGS

Take part in trainings in a variety of skills useful for permaculture associations and networks.


Join online workshops and events that help to build skills and capacity for your association.

Funding Support

The CoLab offers help with finding grant funding, writing funding applications and joining in ventures with other permaculture associations and organisations.

find grants

Find funding in our database of over 100 current grants that fund permaculture.

get help applying

Get support with writing your grant applications.

join group funding applications

Join other permaculture associations to find funding together.

Networking Support

The CoLab offers help getting in contact with other permaculture associations and networks around the world. There is also a global map of permaculture projects, networks, associations etc. to help you find and get in touch with them.

explore the global map

Find / see permaculture near you and around the world.

get connected

Join the CoLab. Find other networks and associations to share experiences.

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