The Permaculture CoLab is a common space for collaboration in the permaculture movement.
In 2020 a team of contributors launched a funded project to develop capacity for Permaculture CoLab to better meet our aims; a major part of which is to invest in our community’s literacy in aspects of social permaculture, and for us to better collaborate across the world.

The Training Coordinator, Naomi, is currently looking for an apprentice who is interested in working in a decentralized, remote “un-organization”, and who is passionate about social permaculture, grassroots education, and systems change.

Update Nov 1: we have found the right person for this post. Thanks for your interest, stay tuned for more opportunities or get involved in the slack to proposition your own idea for a role!

Role Description

In this role, you will learn the practices and processes that the team (Capacity+) use, and will experience consent decision-making, role-based accountability, and interfacing with various workflows and platforms in Permaculture Colab’s digital ecosystem. You will help with scouting and promoting events relevant to our community, and adding to our map of literacy-building groups and communities.
The platforms that we will use include wordpress, nextcloud (open source alternative to Google Suite), slack, parabol, and miro.

During your apprenticeship, you will meet with the team weekly (currently Mondays at 9:30 UTC but open to change), and have regular check-ins with Naomi (based in NZ). We will practice working asynchronously between meetings.

This work exchange offers compensated/funded training in any skill that you would like to develop through the role.
Some examples include: sociocracy, database design, leadership coaching, eco-social design.


To fill this role, we ask the candidate has or commits to:

  • 5 hours per week
  • Good communication in English
  • Somewhat reliable internet connection
  • Discipline (you will be self-managing your workload)
  • An attitude of respect, solidarity and creativity

Timeline is flexible, however the right candidate will be able to commit to joining the capacity#team through to the end of 2022.

Future plans

The position is designed as a succession plan, to step into leading the Training Coordinator role in 2022. This will be part time (5- 10 hours per week) with a monthly stipend, depending on your self-assessment of circumstances (currently paid contributors earn somewhere between £15-£30 per hour depending on their situations), and there will be opportunities to submit proposals for supplementary funded work.
See our equitable waging guide for more information about self-assessed wages.

This post can start once you feel confident taking the lead.

We will review applications on a case-by-case basis and update this page once the position is filled.