The International Permaculture CoLab is actively looking to appoint at least 2 people for the Diversity Stipend Team within the Next Steps Project.

The Diversity Stipend Team will be comprised of people who are ideally themselves eligible for a diversity stipend and have an interest and motivation to support projects and individuals in this theme of work.

We anticipate this position will be paid on an hourly basis on an equitable wage rate and will require 15 – 20 hours of time over the next few months.

The positions will be active until the Diversity Community Pot is exhausted and will be reopened at the start of the project year again in February on the second and third year respectively.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Support groups & individuals to apply for a diversity grant / stipend
  • Review applications for completion upon submission within 48 hours
  • Forward on the public parts of applications in the #next-steps-project channel
  • Alert applicant of any pending clarifying questions / objections
  • Link successful applicants / contributors with the project manager for  set up
  • Report to the community in #next-steps-project any issues that arise
  • Provide and pass on feedback of this process in order to improve it 
  • Make a commitment not to disclose the private parts of the applications  submitted.

Having 2 people on this team enables a quick turnaround in the process, an opportunity to consult each other in case anything is unclear and also ensures holidays and sickness are covered.

The project manager will be on hand to provide support and induction training.

Diversity Stipend Eligibility Self-Assessment

We want to express an invitation to individuals who, in principle, would love to work alongside us but, in practice, have come up against systemic barriers due to one or more of the reasons listed below:

  • are a citizen of the Global South 
  • are affected by structural discrimination (i.e. through racism, ableism, classism, ageism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia among others) 
  • are a sole carer and supporting children and/or other dependents with limited financial resources
  • live paycheck to paycheck or are experiencing financial insecurity
  • are living under the poverty line in the country of residence
  • have significant debt without a regular income
  • receive public assistance
  • are an elder with limited financial support and limited savings
If you are interested, please contact us on