Permaculture Collaborative Laboratory is an international network of individuals that aims to enhance the effectiveness of the global permaculture movement.

What's going on

Next Steps Projects

The Welcoming and Community Garden Project exists in order to welcome and induct people into the International Permaculture CoLab. This is done with different methods of engagement, including one-to-one communication, group onboarding calls, and events.

The Welcoming and Community Garden also collects resources produced by members of the CoLab that may be useful for new CoLab members. This includes the International Permaculture CoLab Vision, Mission, and Aims, the History of the CoLab, and information about different Circles within the CoLab.

The Welcoming and Community Garden Project has already had several group onboarding calls this year, giving valuable information about how to navigate and contribute to the CoLab workspace.

EuPN Virtual Gathering

The European Permaculture Network is gathering insights and contributions in order to nurture and grow its network. This one-hour virtual gathering aims to bring together like-minded individuals from different European countries to share ideas, and experiences, and establish collaborations.

This event is not just a meeting; it's an opportunity to be part of a vibrant and growing community that is committed to creating sustainable and positive change in the world. Join the first European Permaculture Network Call on August 28th at 19:00 CET. The link will be sent to members one week before the meeting.

Diversity and Participation

How can we draw on indigenous wisdom for the challenges facing us now? In this panel recording from Climate Coaching Alliance, Anita, Lily, and Michelle discuss the inner conditions for regenerative, harmonious relations with Self, other people, and the Earth.

Join a storytelling circle, where three coaches share their stories about what indigenous wisdom means to them and how they use this wisdom in their coaching realm. You will be invited to leave with something to take forward in a practical way.

RP Networking Events

Regeneration Pollination is part of a movement of environmental change agents connected online in a growing global network, regenerating land, regenerating the economy, and regenerating our lives.

You can learn about the work of fellow change agents—from farmers to environmentalists to homesteaders to permaculturists to policymakers to funders, and more. You can also learn about ways you can make a difference in your life and in your community.

Regeneration Pollination is currently offering 2 online meetings per month, in different time zones, which you can join for free (they also welcome donations). The next meetings will be on August 4th and August 25th.
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