Permaculture Collaborative Laboratory is an international network of individuals that aims to enhance the effectiveness of the global permaculture movement.

What's going on

Colab Podcast - Episode 1

Over the coming months, the CoLab will be releasing a series of podcast interviews, interviewing CoLab members who are involved in grassroots permaculture projects around the world.

In the first episode, we spoke to Aline, who works as part of a permaculture workers co-operative called La Casa Integral. They are seeking regenerative solutions for individuals, homes, and communities. They offer educational courses, home consultations, and open-door days, where anybody can observe their natural solutions.

She lives in Spain where there can be problems with drought, in an area where water gets contaminated or doesn’t get reused. She focuses on water solutions involving rainwater catchments, reusing wastewater, purifying water with plants, natural pools, and vermicomposting bins. Find out more by clicking the button below.

Festival of Permaculture

Organized by the UK Permaculture Association, the Festival of Permaculture will take place in Lambourne End, Essex, from 22-24 September. It will be a weekend of practical workshops, talks, activities, and music to inspire change and find solutions using permaculture ethics, principles, and design tools.

Join leading regenerative, permaculture, and sustainability experts and find ways to support positive climate action and heal the Earth. This year’s Festival of Permaculture program is one of the most diverse, interesting, and inspiring yet.

We Need Your Help!

The CoLab Convergence Research project team is in the process of shortlisting permaculture convergences to case-study for the next steps of our research. The first stage of research was completed last year and yielded a report that is under a copyleft license and can be found here:

We have a list of permaculture convergences that spans from 1982 until now but maybe we are missing a few that we could include. For the purpose of our research, we will be concentrating our efforts on permaculture events that have happened recently or within the last 10 years, both in-person, online, or a blend of these two in any part of the world and in any language.

Below is a link to our list, Do let us know by email at information about any events we may have missed out.

If you have any feedback about our report from 2022 please also feel free to let us know. We appreciate your time and input and look forward to furthering our work to benefit the permaculture movement.

Aimee, Candida, Annaik, Maria & Naomi - the Convergence Research Team.

Global Call for Nature-Based Projects

This initiative seeks to connect those involved in nature restoration and conservation with the right funders and investors, enabling innovative solutions that foster a sustainable future.

The call for projects will run until the end of 2023, accepting applications on a rolling basis. Selected investors will receive access to the database throughout the campaign. The initiative will culminate in a project exhibition and workshop at the 2023 NOAH Conference Zurich.

Luna Red Acompañamiento

¿Quieres aprender una herramienta que te ayudará a realizar estos planes con los que sientes un bloqueo? ¿Con la que puedes hacer crecer tus capacidades? ¿Que te sirve para para diseñar cómo estar y vivir mejor?

Entonces puede que te interese nuestro curso “Introducción a la Red de Diseño”. Será un curso completamente online enfocado a enseñarte esta herramienta de manera práctica, dándote claves para cada paso del proceso. Además invitamos durante el curso a hacer y compartir diseños, así que te puede servir cómo impulso e inspiración para tus procesos.
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