A sociocratic People’s Party in Washington

Venus – SoFA Zoom Room https://www.sociocracyforall.org/venus-zoom-299978898

Maybe there’s not much we can do about our federal or national governance system. But what we can do is change who is in it! In this webinar, we will host Jim Lee from the People’s Party in Washington – a new party that is running sociocratically on the inside. Hear what they are doing, how they run, and what their plans are for a better future!

Free – £15

Let’s Decide Together! Book Launch

Venus – SoFA Zoom Room https://www.sociocracyforall.org/venus-zoom-299978898

Let’s Decide Together is an accessible workbook for anyone interested in practicing sociocracy with children. Adults can use it to make more values-aligned, egalitarian, and inclusive decisions together with children in the home, at school, clubs, neighborhood groups, or in any group where adults and children are empowered to decide together. In this webinar, author Hope Wilder will give a brief overview of the book, lead a mini-workshop using some tools from the book, and answer questions. Plus, we’ll celebrate the book launch!

Free – £10.00
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