Power & Permaculture

To develop an online transformative course covering power and equity in permaculture.
This course will have two aims:

– to provide a shared language and understanding across all of our associated networks, reducing inequitable power, increasing understanding and generating real change / culture shift!

– to empower and share the skills of marginalised and experienced facilitators teaching others about power, through facilitator-led pods, generating revenue for Colab members.

As an online course this can be taken in self-study format lowering the barriers for people taking the course. The course could also optionally be taught by an experienced teacher, offering a more in-depth learning experience, potentially in a blended format.


Wal , Claudiu, Suzie, Luiza, Meera, Paula, Samantha 


Training and E-Learning


CoLab members, Permaculture community and allied networks will benefit from the content of this course, with increased understanding – greater understanding leading to greater cooperation and more solidarity, justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Facilitators who are marginalised will benefit from being paid to lead, as well as being recognised in a wider setting as leaders in this topic, being paid fairly for their work.

CoLab (and PAB) will benefit as a leader in JEDI work (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion)

Educators and teachers will benefit from continuous professional development (CPD)

Permaculture community will benefit from greater understanding of what People Care and Fair Shares means now after this year; fostering a culture of accountability and designing safety measures for people who are learning, practising, and impacted by the permaculture movement.


A course covering power and equity, from a permaculture focused perspective:

Course Structure:

– Re framing Power Module
– Anti-Racism Module
– Decolonization Module
– Gender Roles and Sexism Module
– Queer Permaculture Module
– Accountability

Safety when volunteering / vulnerability Module (including online.. burnout prevention? Care labour etc? … discuss Rights & how to assert them)

Changing our PDC curriculum in light of equity Module

Action / Next Steps module – including signing up at CoLab and other allied networks

Opportunities created for facilitators to hold small groups of learners through this training, complemented with coaching/consulting/evaluation for working groups.

Options for blended learning, self study online, or pods online.