Map Mappers

After the participating in the Hackathon organized by the CoLab (Naomi and
Keala), as well as following the map channel in slack,  a space was found that is not yet mapped and where we could add value to the whole community that uses the various mapping systems.
MapMappers is the digital “homeset” of the existing mapping systems, the technologies they use, and the persons behind those projects.


Luis Tiago




After some research we could not find anything similar, in that way we are already creating value – we will create a system that would make it easy for any individual , community or organization to find accurate and uptodate information about the various mapping systems we have today online.
We will also be creating new relations with those who are developing it, and hopefully they will flourish into what we can say as intangible outcomes and this cross pollination may bring value for the wider community we are interconnected.


A website that gathers a diverse range of mapping systems. A “listing” type of website where people can find the various mapping systems, their developers and technologies.