Digital collaboration is at the core of CoLab activities, as well as the global activities and daily digital life of the permaculture movement and allied movements and citizens around the world.

Today with more than 4 billion internet users the digital online activity is offsetting more than the air travel industry.

GreenData.Earth aims to provide the necessary resources to enable us to reduce the offsetting of our digital life.

“As people, we need to adopt an ethic of right livelihood, for if we bend our labor and skills to work that is destructive, we are the destroyers … We should not be passive workers in established destructive systems, but rather we can be investors in life. We cannot profess or teach one ethic, and live another, without damage to ourselves and to common resources.”

-Bill Mollison, A Designer’s manual p. 507


Luis Tiago




” To accelerate the restoration of the whole in our world by creating an online practically focussed platform that creates an informative container for permaculture and allied movements. “

” Permaculture is appropriate information technology. Appropriate refers to applying efficient designs that generate the least amount of waste for the highest yield. It takes into account the actual social and ecological costs within this digital space. “

” Helping to weave together as a web of business ecology, which includes an assessment on the ecosystem about other initiatives that could exist within. “


 Will deliver a website to :

– Create awareness about the impact of online activities by producing content about the topic

– Provide technical resources for calculating the digital&online footprint

– Provide educational resources for ethical content generation and design

– Create a micro enterprise based on services and/or products to reduce the online footprint