Find events, add events

The Permaculture CoLab is a constellation of people, projects and communities.

To effectively promote events across the network, we have developed multiple tools for different uses. This page references all the links you need to decide which calendars, channels, or forms best suit your needs.

Adding an event

Are you hosting an event that you want us to promote? Use this form.

Does your community host its own calendar of events? Then this form may be more appropriate.

Did you find out about an event that looks interesting for permaculture people? Here are four possible actions you can take:

  1. Post the link or information in #community-calendar channel on slack
  2. OR email
  3. AND/OR use the Catamark browser plug-in to add this event to our community calendar on Trove*,
  4. AND/OR contact the organiser (if you know them) and share the form – then they know for future events.

*As of March 1st Catamark only logs the event as a link, however Vincent is very close to launching a direct-to-calendar feature.

Event organisers who are interested in the evolving commons for sharing events, event data, alternative currencies, accreditation and collaborative resourcing: it is best we start a relationship to better work with you and include you in the design processes! Please join the slack workspace and introduce yourself to the @calendar-stewards (tag us in your message or DM anyone in this user group).

Find out about events

We host multiple calendars to suit different situations.

Here is the website calendar which primarily promotes events hosted by community members or aligned networks.

Our second calendar is an experiment in ethical and effective cross-community information management. We are working with the developers of Catalist (AKA Atalis) to design meaningful systems of event organisation, discovery, and attendance.
View this calendar here and consider registering an account on Catalist to join other Permaculture CoLab community members in this exploration. With the Catamark browser plug-in we can easily create and be recognised for contributions to Troves of information (including events) while we explore the web.

Finally, there is a google calendar which can sync with other google calendars very easily and can be added to your own google account if you have one (so you can receive event information automatically).
Click here to add this calendar to your google account.
Events from this google calendar are automatically shared in the pccolab slack workspace in #community-calendar channel and its bot can message you directly if you choose to set this up here.