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Marketing for Trainers

November 26, 2020 @ 1:00 pm 2:30 pm UTC+1

Marketing for Trainers

Like any great product, great training sessions can easily get lost among the competition. So, if you want to be truly successful, you have to build a positive image and position our program for success. Marketing is a word not frequently tossed around in conversations among trainers and other education professionals. For many people, marketing is a smoke-and-mirrors circus starring performers who put on a good show, but don’t really serve a purpose.

In this sessions we will help you to bring your “offer” more fully into the world. You’ll identify some of your conditioned tendencies around visibility and promotion. You’ll also be exploring how to embody your own brand and sell your training services more authentically, in a way that is more congruent with your purpose and values.

Marketing for Trainers

November 26th at 1pm CET: Register here

How we have done it?

Our decision to actively market our training offerings was a logical step in our program development. We knew our courses and training program were good.
We have good content that is well organized and highly relevant. We have excellent instructors who are caring, skilled professionals who take pride in their work. In other words, we have a great product. But like any great product, great training sessions can easily get lost among the competition.

If we wanted to be truly successful, we had to build a positive image and position our program for success.

When we began to apply marketing principles to our training programs, we increased enrolment, generated positive attitudes toward training, technology, and systems. We also were able to enhance learning and encourage real changes in behavior as a result of training. Our successful marketing was based on key principles, summed up in two phrases:

“Attitude Is Contagious” and “Perception Is Reality.”

If you would like to learn from our experience.

Join us and learn something absolutely essential for trainers nowadays. We will look together at this mystical element – marketing through the integral lenses and make sure that your marketing works. Join us on November 26th at 1 pm CET

Gabriel Powell – our guest host – is an Integral Master Coach™ and facilitator for Coaches Rising online trainings and European Integral Conference. He is committed to his own personal growth and to making an impactful contribution to the realization of our full human potential. Prior to becoming a coach, Gabriel led an exciting career as an author, teacher, and consultant in the publishing industry. He brings a lot of experience, rigor, and heart into his work.


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Marketing for Trainer is actually an additional session for the participants of our Train the Trainer Course 2020. We have extended this offer for all our trainer colleagues and other trainers who are interested in.

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